Roof Repair Tips Homeowners Should Know

Roof repair can either be a DIY project or need a professional touch. Regardless, here are roof repair tips you should know. 

Roof replacement isn’t always the solution to a roofing problem. Sometimes, all you need is just a simple roof repair to fix the damage. Minor repairs may not require a call to a roofing specialist right away, but a roof with more extensive damages may need an expert’s knowledge and experience. Making repairs by yourself may mean more repair costs along the way if not done correctly. What should you do? Here are some tips for when you’re trying to make small fixes by yourself.

Wear protective gear when making a roof repair

Safety should be your top priority. Ensure that you’re appropriately dressed if you’re going to repair a roof. It’s best to wear a long-sleeved shirt and jeans to protect your arms and legs. It’s also advised to wear rubber-soled shoes with traction to prevent slipping and falling. Use a sturdy ladder when climbing up and down the roof. 

Finding a difficult leak 

Leaks are another typical roof repair problem. Use a garden hose to find difficult leaks. Start soaking the spots near where the leak appears inside the house. Make sure to move furniture and valuables that are inside away from the spot of the leak. Have another person check out the inside of the house to see whether drips may appear. Don’t rush it, and let the hose run for a few minutes before moving to a different area. This is a slow but sure process to see where the leak is coming from. If this doesn’t work, start removing the shingles in the possible area of the leak.

Hammer down exposed nail heads

Roofs are usually nailed down, regardless of the material. The nails keep it all together, but the nails may come loose or fall out due to weather. Check your roof for exposed nail heads and hammer them down into place. Use a roof sealant or caulk to cover them up. Exposed nails should be dealt with quickly to keep leaks away.

Fix the small holes

If you spot any tiny holes, be sure to fix them quickly. These littles guys can cause serious damage if left unaddressed. Small leaks eventually grow to large ones and can major problems down the road.

Hire the right roofing service provider

If you find a problem that you don’t think you can handle on own, contact professionals to help get the job done right. Your roof is part of your investment, and it make sense to maintain and preserve it. Hire the right professional and roofing service provider in London, Kentucky to serve you. Do your research, check for proper credentials, and ask for references.

Kirby Contracting | Roof Repair in London, KY

Here at Kirby Contracting, we provide you the service you deserve. Our goal is to ensure that your roof is repaired or replaced quickly and efficiently. Our team is professional, experienced, and insured.


How the weather in London, KY affects your roof

London gets more precipitation per year than the national average. Here’s how the weather in London, KY affects your roof!

The roof over your head is what protects your family from the elements. It keeps you from being vulnerable to what’s going on outdoors. However, that doesn’t mean that your roof itself isn’t vulnerable to the weather that it protects you from. Read below to learn how the weather in London, KY affects your roof.

Three Weather Conditions that affect your Roof in London, Kentucky

When it comes to the weather, we experience all four seasons in London, Kentucky. From hot summer sun to cold winter snow, your roof goes through a lot. These varying weather conditions can all affect your roof in different ways. Here are a few specific ones that you should be aware of.


Precipitation is rain, snow, sleet, or hail that falls to the ground. There has to be at least 0.01 inches of precipitation on the ground for it to be counted. Each of the different kinds of precipitation can affect your roof in different ways.


London, Kentucky gets 48 inches of rain per year. That’s 10 inches more than the national average of 38 inches. With all the rain we get here, it can be easy to forget the effect that it has on our roofs. Even very small leaks can cause big problems when there is consistent heavy rainfall. Furthermore, rain tends to pool up on roofs more during times of heavy rain. This can cause big problems for your roof down the line.


Snow accumulates on roofs differently than rain. Ice and snow buildup can add extra stress to your roof due to its weight. Ice can build up in gutters and damage them. When ice melts during the day and then refreezes at night, it can seep inside the roofing system and cause damage. 


Because hail hits your roof harder than rain or snow, it can quickly cause damage to shingles. The falling ice can chip away at shingles until multiple small areas of the roof become exposed. If these areas aren’t found quickly, you could potentially discover lots of leaks the next time it rains.


On average, London, Kentucky experiences 180 sunny days a year. This is slightly less than the national average of 205 sunny days. Even so, the sun will still affect your roof. High temperatures and exposure to UV rays can cause shingles to become more fragile and crack. As the sun beats down on them, they often become brittle. On top of that, extreme temperature changes can cause roofing materials to quickly expand and shrink, decreasing their longevity.


Although we don’t experience frequent hurricanes like some of the coastal states, wind can still affect your roof in London, Kentucky. Wind doesn’t have to reach hurricane or tornado levels to cause damage. High winds can cause shingles to blow away or break off, leaving parts of your roof exposed. A quick roof inspection after a strong windstorm will allow you to spot places where shingles have blown. Replacing shingles quickly will help protect your roof and can prevent bigger problems down the line.

Hiring professional roofing contractors like Kirby Contracting to help with your roofing needs can help minimize the damage your roof experiences through the changing weather conditions in London, Kentucky.

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