How Gutters Protect Your Home’s Foundation

Gutters are a crucial part of your roof. They help collect and direct the water that lands on the roof when it rains or snows. Gutters are certainly a key part of a good roofing system. But did you know they also play a big role in protecting your home’s foundation?

How water can hurt the foundation

An excess of water near a home’s foundation can harm the foundation in a few different ways. These include hydrostatic pressure, expansive soils, and erosion.

Hydrostatic pressure

Webster’s dictionary defines hydrostatic pressure as “pressure exerted by or existing within a liquid at rest with respect to adjacent bodies.” Basically, this is just the pressure that liquid puts on the things around it. When it comes to your home, pooled water nearby can put lots of unnecessary pressure on the foundation.

Expansive soils

Even if the water itself isn’t pooled around a home, the water can still cause problems if too much gets into the soil. Certain soils expand when water gets into them. The soil increases in volume which puts pressure on the home’s foundation. This pressure could cause cracks in the foundation which could eventually lead to a collapse.


Erosion is when water washes away soil. This can be harmful to a home’s foundation because the foundation ultimately sits on top of the soil. If too much erosion occurs, it can cause the home’s foundation to shift, causing problems throughout the home.

How gutters protect a home’s foundation

Now that we know all the problems that excess water around the home can cause, it’s easy to see how gutters help protect a home’s foundation. Gutters systems are specifically designed to collect water on the roof and send it away from the home.

Water lands on the roof, flows down into the gutter, and then flows down the downspouts. The gutter downspouts should be situated so that the water flows out a safe distance away from the home’s foundation.

It’s recommended that downspouts extend at least 6 feet away from your home. This creates enough distance between the water and your home so that the water doesn’t harm the foundation.

Protect your whole home | Kirby Contracting

At Kirby Contracting, we care about what you care about. That means that protecting your home and family is our top priority. We specialize in gutter installation. If your current gutter system isn’t cutting it and you want to protect your home’s foundation, give us a call today! We’d be happy to serve you.


How to Choose a Roofing Contractor in London, KY

It’s important to find the right roofers to help you deal with the roofing problems you may have in your area. Kirby Contracting is a roofing contractor in London, KY. 

Roof repair, roof replacement, and remodeling are services that need specific skills and experience. While a DIY project is a good thing and allows you to learn, it’s still safer to have professionals ensure the safety of your home and family. As a big part of any home, the roof is an investment. You want the best roofing contractor you can find to help protect your investment. 

Choosing a Roofing Contractor

You don’t have to settle for the first contractor you meet. Do your research and get a few estimates. If your project is urgent and you need a roofing contractor fast, you still want to make the best choice. here are the main things to look for when hiring a roofing contractor in London, KY.

Check the credentials

Hire a contractor with the proper licenses and insurance. Most homeowners choose to hire professionals to repair or replace roofs because it can be a dangerous job. Workers need proper protection gear, safety equipment, and tools to ensure the project goes smoothly. High-quality and experienced roofers are licensed and insured. They don’t want to burden you with liabilities if they get hurt during the process. 

Go for local contractors

There are benefits to hiring a roofing contractor from London, KY. They can offer faster service if they have a nearby office. Local contractors know the typical roofing problems in the area and have years of experience fixing them. They also know the local roofing requirements and guidelines. 

Check their previous work

Make sure to ask friends for references and do a follow-up. Search Google and see client reviews on their work. It’s also good to see their work firsthand if possible. If they’ve done work in your neighborhood before, you can check out their roofing work on those houses.

Roofing Contractor in London, KY | Kirby Contracting

Jacob Kirby is from a family of carpenters. He built his experience from an early age and has been adding contracting skills ever since. The primary services we offer are roofing, gutter installation, and general contracting. Providing high-quality service and great experience is our goal. 

Get in touch with us! We offer free estimates on roofing projects.


Which type of gutter is best?

Find out what the best type of gutter is for your home or business.

Your home is an investment. Every decision you make regarding your house needs should be considered, including choosing the gutter to use.

Gutters come in many shapes, colors, and prices. There’s no one “best” gutter, but there is a best gutter for your specific situation.

With many options available for you, it may be overwhelming to pick gutters for your home. Don’t worry; we prepared a guide to help you make the right decision for your roof. 

Common Types of Gutters

There are three common shapes of gutters available today that come in 5 to 10 inches in width. The three most common gutter shapes are K-style, half-round, and box-style. 

a k-style gutter
A K-style gutter. The outside edge is shaped like the letter K.

K-style gutters have flat backs and bottoms. Often, its front side comes with decorative shapes to make your gutter look like crown molding. K-style gutters are the most common type used in homes today. They’re easy to install, durable, can handle a lot of rainwater, and improve your curb appeal.

a half-round gutter
A half-round gutter. The gutter is shaped like half of a circle.

Half-round gutters are half-circle tubes and are typically used in old homes. They have a rustic look, and they’re easier to clean as well. While they are more expensive, they’re also less likely to corrode.

a box-style gutter
A box-style gutter. These gutters are mostly square and are often found on commercial buildings.

Box-style gutters are the third most popular type of gutter and are usually used for commercial and industrial buildings. Box styles are designed for large roofs and more water output. They come in different sizes, from 7″ to 10″. As the name suggests, they look like long boxes.

Gutter Materials to Choose From

Gutters are typically made using one of a few materials: aluminum, copper, galvanized steel, or vinyl.

  • Aluminum. Aluminum gutters are the most common material used, and they come in different thicknesses. A thin aluminum gutter is a good choice for places with no heavy rain or snow. However, if you live in an area with frequent and heavy snow, it’s better to invest in thicker aluminum gutters. They come in many different colors so it’s easy to find some that match the rest of your house. Aluminum gutters are less expensive, but they’re also prone to damage during extreme fluctuations in temperature.
  • Copper. Copper gutters off a “patina” look that many homeowners like. These are strong, heavy-duty gutters. However, that strength comes at a price because their weight causes them to come loose more easily.
  • Galvanized steel. These gutters are very strong so they can handle a lot of rainwater or snow. However, their strength makes them heavy, so they’ll come loose more easily. On top of that, galvanized steel rusts very easily.
  • Vinyl. Vinyl is also an affordable choice that’s easy to install yourself. However, it’s not the best option if your home is in a cold area. The cold causes crack over time and may result in water pooling. Vinyl isn’t as sturdy as metal gutters are, but it also won’t rust like metal gutters do.

Gutter installation in London, KY | Kirby Contracting

Now you know which type of gutter is best for your situation. But picking out your gutters is only half the problem. Now you need to get them installed! Call us today for your free estimate. If you’re still not sure what kind of gutters would be best for your home or business, let us use our expertise to help you decide.


Why is roofing important?

The Unseen Hero of Your Home

Your roof is one of the most important parts of your home, but it’s also one of the most neglected. That’s because most people don’t think about their roof until there’s a problem. But by then, it’s often too late.

Roofing is an integral part of your house due to weather protection, aesthetics, energy efficiency, comfort, and home value. Keep reading for a deeper look at all of these factors.

Why is Roofing Important?

Weather Protection:  The roof is the first line of defense against weather damage. It protects the rest of the house from water, wind, and sun damage.

Aesthetics: The roof is a big part of the curb appeal of a house. A beautiful roof can make a big difference in the overall look. A damaged or ugly roof can impact the value of a home.

Energy Efficiency & Comfort: A sound roofing system can help keep your house warm in the winter and cool in the summer. This will save you money on energy costs and make your home more comfortable.

Home Value: A well-maintained roof is an integral part of the overall value of a house. An appealing roof is a selling point that increases a property’s value. Potential buyers are reluctant to invest in an older roof or one seeking immediate repairs. A newer roof in a well-maintained condition can significantly increase the value of your asset.

Damaged roofs can lead to all sorts of problems, from leaks and water damage to mold and mildew. And those are just the things you can see. Thus, you should keep an eye on your roof and contact Kirby Contracting if you notice any signs of damage.

Now that you know why is roofing important, check out some tips for maintaining a long-lasting roof!


Roofing Contractor in Richmond, KY

Professional Roofing Contractor in Richmond, Kentucky 

Are you in need of a roofing contractor in Richmond, Kentucky? It is our desire and goal to be the first in line here at Kirby Contracting! We are a trusted roofing contractor that provides quality roofing services to homeowners in Richmond and surrounding areas. We have years of experience installing and repairing roofs of all types, so we know what it takes to get the job done correctly, safely, and on time. Contact us today at (606) 312-2452 for a free estimate on your roofing project.

Our experts at Kirby Contracting can replace your entire roof, repair it, and provide a variety of additional roofing services. We offer asphalt shingle repair, roof installation, re-roofing, and storm damage repairs among other things. Our experts are prepared to give you high-quality and long-lasting solutions for all of your roofing needs. We provide long-lasting roofing solutions for individual homeowners or for business and commercial structures as well.

Richmond, KY – Beauty and Historical Significance 

Since its inception in 1798 by a Revolutionary War colonel, Richmond, Kentucky, has been a town steeped in historical excitement. The city of Richmond, located in Madison County offers activities that bring history to life. The presence of Fort Boonesborough, on the banks of the Kentucky River, or the history preserved at the Battle of Richmond Visitors Center and Battle Park reminds us of the historical significance of Richmond.

Residents of Richmond can take pride that their downtown area includes over 100 buildings that take their place on the National Register of Historic Places and three National Registered Historic Districts. We are fortunate that we can offer our services to the residents of Richmond.

Residential and Commercial Roofing Contractor for Richmond 

At Kirby Contracting we have the experience and expertise for both your residential and commercial needs. We understand the unique challenges of commercial buildings as well as the specific challenges of a family home. Having a roofing contractor to count on for either is a necessity for many residents of Richmond.

For commercial buildings, you may find that the roof has a slope that is very gradual or almost totally level. Warehouses, retail spaces, restaurants, and factories are among the most frequent uses for such roofs. Also, those roof structures can be significantly larger than a typical residential rooftop. Heavy equipment such as giant HVAC fans may be seen on these facilities. We can serve as the roofing contractor you need for the Richmond area to safely and securely handle any of these unique needs in these circumstances.

The slope of a typical residential dwelling can be considerably steeper than that of a commercial building. The surface is usually free of anything resting directly on it, with the exception of items such as solar panels. etc. Openings in the roof are not as common; they’re usually confined to chimneys, vent stacks, and skylights.

At Kirby Contracting we have the experience and expertise for your roofing needs whether they are residential or commercial in nature. We offer a variety of roofing services such as roof installation, re-roofing, roof replacement, and storm damage repairs. We have the experience and craftsmanship to bring a top-notch roof over your head.

Quality Workmanship in Roofing For Richmond, KY

We understand that roofing can be an overwhelming task in the minds of many homeowners and business professionals. No repair or replacement for a homeowner or business person can be as essential as getting a new roof. 

A sturdy and well-installed roof will offer you the safety and security of living or working under a roof that is tough and reliable. You can rest assured that we can provide you with the skills and type of workmanship that you and your home or business deserve.

Our team of roofing professionals carries with them the knowledge and skills to manage your home roofing projects from the simple to the complex. The professional roofers at Kirby Contracting will help you plan and work toward a cost-effective roofing solution for your individual needs. We will also do everything possible to make sure your project is completed within a time frame that is suitable for your needs and schedule.

Top of the Line Roofing Materials

It’s our goal to provide you with a roof for a new structure or existing roof replacement that will provide you with long-lasting protection. Therefore, we work with excellent building materials in making sure that we supply the finest roofing product and strive to bring them to you at the most affordable cost.

For citizens of Richmond who need a roofing contractor, we won’t allow our team of professional roofers to work with inferior products or equipment. The high quality of our finished product is not only the product of excellent workers but also of products and materials you can count on.

Need a Complete Roof Replacement In Richmond, KY?

We welcome the challenge to meet your needs for many types of roofing repairs, and we also enjoy working with a homeowner or business owner to help choose, and then professionally replace their entire roof. Our team will work with you if there are safe and secure methods to repair your roof, but there are certainly times when a full replacement is needed.

Also, at Kirby Contracting we understand that a roof is much more than just protection from the elements. It can also be a design element that adds to the beauty and appeal of your home or business. We will give you a variety of materials and styles that are available that will complement the look of your home or business.

At Kirby Contracting we will clearly communicate with you. We can discuss each alternative based on your needs. Our staff will give you the benefit of their years of experience along with your personal preferences and needs to make the optimum choice in roofing style and materials.

Roof Repairs For Unexpected Times

As in many areas of the country, we understand that your home or business structure is susceptible to dramatic weather conditions that may cause damage to your roof. At times you may experience high winds or hail that come from unexpected storms in the area.

Many individuals and businesses may seem to have weathered a particular storm just fine, only to discover much later that their roof has suffered much damage from the hail and high winds. That’s why we encourage people to have a roof inspection after a severe storm.

When you do learn of or are suspicious of damage, you want an experienced roofing contractor in the Richmond area to assess the damage and provide you with timely and budget-friendly solutions.

Your Choice Roofing Contractor For Richmond, KY

We want to be your choice as a roofing contractor for the Richmond, KY area. You can rest assured that we will do everything that we can to make sure that you get a quality roof or roof repair that takes second place to no one.

It’s our desire to serve you with the honesty and integrity that all of our customers expect and deserve. We stand by our work and our products and will give you the security and value that a home or business owner deserves for all of their roofing needs.

Give us a call at (606) 312-2452. We would love to hear from you and serve you in this great community!


Roof Repair Tips Homeowners Should Know

Roof repair can either be a DIY project or need a professional touch. Regardless, here are roof repair tips you should know. 

Roof replacement isn’t always the solution to a roofing problem. Sometimes, all you need is just a simple roof repair to fix the damage. Minor repairs may not require a call to a roofing specialist right away, but a roof with more extensive damages may need an expert’s knowledge and experience. Making repairs by yourself may mean more repair costs along the way if not done correctly. What should you do? Here are some tips for when you’re trying to make small fixes by yourself.

Wear protective gear when making a roof repair

Safety should be your top priority. Ensure that you’re appropriately dressed if you’re going to repair a roof. It’s best to wear a long-sleeved shirt and jeans to protect your arms and legs. It’s also advised to wear rubber-soled shoes with traction to prevent slipping and falling. Use a sturdy ladder when climbing up and down the roof. 

Finding a difficult leak 

Leaks are another typical roof repair problem. Use a garden hose to find difficult leaks. Start soaking the spots near where the leak appears inside the house. Make sure to move furniture and valuables that are inside away from the spot of the leak. Have another person check out the inside of the house to see whether drips may appear. Don’t rush it, and let the hose run for a few minutes before moving to a different area. This is a slow but sure process to see where the leak is coming from. If this doesn’t work, start removing the shingles in the possible area of the leak.

Hammer down exposed nail heads

Roofs are usually nailed down, regardless of the material. The nails keep it all together, but the nails may come loose or fall out due to weather. Check your roof for exposed nail heads and hammer them down into place. Use a roof sealant or caulk to cover them up. Exposed nails should be dealt with quickly to keep leaks away.

Fix the small holes

If you spot any tiny holes, be sure to fix them quickly. These littles guys can cause serious damage if left unaddressed. Small leaks eventually grow to large ones and can major problems down the road.

Hire the right roofing service provider

If you find a problem that you don’t think you can handle on own, contact professionals to help get the job done right. Your roof is part of your investment, and it make sense to maintain and preserve it. Hire the right professional and roofing service provider in London, Kentucky to serve you. Do your research, check for proper credentials, and ask for references.

Kirby Contracting | Roof Repair in London, KY

Here at Kirby Contracting, we provide you the service you deserve. Our goal is to ensure that your roof is repaired or replaced quickly and efficiently. Our team is professional, experienced, and insured.


Gutter Cleaning Tips Homeowners Should Know

Gutter cleaning and maintenance are necessary steps to ensure a working gutter system that keeps your home safe. Here are tips homeowners should know about gutter cleaning. 

Gutter cleaning isn’t just about improving your home’s curb appeal. It’s important to keep your gutters clean because you don’t want excess water on your roof to damage your home. Cleaning out your gutters helps eliminate the risk of water damage and rust corrosion.

Here are some tips homeowners should know about gutter cleaning. 

When to clean your gutters

Gutter cleaning may not always be on your list of things to do for your home. However, if frequently neglected, it could cause major damage to your roof. In London, KY, It’s best to clean your gutters semi-annually. Once in the fall before snow and ice come, and once in the spring after the cold weather has passed.

Safety first 

Always put your safety first. Wear protective gear and use a sturdy ladder. We suggest using an aluminum ladder as it’s strong and lightweight. Check the ladder before using it and inspect it for defects or loose parts before climbing up. Don’t forget to use gloves to protect your hands from debris, rotten leaves, or animal droppings. Suede gloves are recommended over leather or cotton gloves. 

Use a garden hose

A garden hose is an effective gutter cleaner. You can use it from the ground or from the ladder. Start spraying by the nearest downspout, clean the whole channel length, and then back to the downspout. If the garden hose doesn’t do the job, use a plumber’s snake instead to reach the bends and flush down the clogs. 

Pressure washing 

If you haven’t cleaned your gutters in a long time, then there’s probably a significant buildup of dirt, debris, and gunk. Cleaning it with a garden hose may not be enough. If that’s the case, then you can try using a pressure washer on the gutters. You can do it yourself or hire a professional to do it for you. 

Be cautious of power lines

Inspect the power lines connected to your house before proceeding with your gutter cleaning. Check the electrical cables and where they are connected to your roof. Specifically, check to see if the wires are damaged. If they are, call a licensed professional to help. Do not attempt to clean your gutter if there are damaged powerlines nearby. Regardless of whether there’s rain or not, electrical wires should be repaired and addressed first before doing any activities on your roof. 

Use gutter guards 

Many homeowners use gutter guards to avoid the buildup of debris. Gutter guards prevent things like sticks, leaves, and pine needles from falling into your gutter. You’re certain to experience fewer clogged gutters if you’re taking an active step like this to prevent them.

Kirby Contracting | Gutter Installation Services

We are your roofing specialists in London, KY. We offer roofing, gutter installation, and general contracting in London, KY at an affordable cost. You’re in good hands with us.

If your gutters need repair or replacement, call us today for a free estimate.


How the weather in London, KY affects your roof

London gets more precipitation per year than the national average. Here’s how the weather in London, KY affects your roof!

The roof over your head is what protects your family from the elements. It keeps you from being vulnerable to what’s going on outdoors. However, that doesn’t mean that your roof itself isn’t vulnerable to the weather that it protects you from. Read below to learn how the weather in London, KY affects your roof.

Three Weather Conditions that affect your Roof in London, Kentucky

When it comes to the weather, we experience all four seasons in London, Kentucky. From hot summer sun to cold winter snow, your roof goes through a lot. These varying weather conditions can all affect your roof in different ways. Here are a few specific ones that you should be aware of.


Precipitation is rain, snow, sleet, or hail that falls to the ground. There has to be at least 0.01 inches of precipitation on the ground for it to be counted. Each of the different kinds of precipitation can affect your roof in different ways.


London, Kentucky gets 48 inches of rain per year. That’s 10 inches more than the national average of 38 inches. With all the rain we get here, it can be easy to forget the effect that it has on our roofs. Even very small leaks can cause big problems when there is consistent heavy rainfall. Furthermore, rain tends to pool up on roofs more during times of heavy rain. This can cause big problems for your roof down the line.


Snow accumulates on roofs differently than rain. Ice and snow buildup can add extra stress to your roof due to its weight. Ice can build up in gutters and damage them. When ice melts during the day and then refreezes at night, it can seep inside the roofing system and cause damage. 


Because hail hits your roof harder than rain or snow, it can quickly cause damage to shingles. The falling ice can chip away at shingles until multiple small areas of the roof become exposed. If these areas aren’t found quickly, you could potentially discover lots of leaks the next time it rains.


On average, London, Kentucky experiences 180 sunny days a year. This is slightly less than the national average of 205 sunny days. Even so, the sun will still affect your roof. High temperatures and exposure to UV rays can cause shingles to become more fragile and crack. As the sun beats down on them, they often become brittle. On top of that, extreme temperature changes can cause roofing materials to quickly expand and shrink, decreasing their longevity.


Although we don’t experience frequent hurricanes like some of the coastal states, wind can still affect your roof in London, Kentucky. Wind doesn’t have to reach hurricane or tornado levels to cause damage. High winds can cause shingles to blow away or break off, leaving parts of your roof exposed. A quick roof inspection after a strong windstorm will allow you to spot places where shingles have blown. Replacing shingles quickly will help protect your roof and can prevent bigger problems down the line.

Hiring professional roofing contractors like Kirby Contracting to help with your roofing needs can help minimize the damage your roof experiences through the changing weather conditions in London, Kentucky.

London, Kentucky’s Hometown Roofer

Kirby Contracting has been serving London, Kentucky, and the surrounding area for years. We know that keeping your family safe and comfortable is your top priority. Because of that, we make it our top priority. We proudly serve residential and commercial roofing customers. If you’re concerned about how your roof will handle to upcoming weather, give us a call today! (606) 312-2452.


When should you hire a general contractor?

What factors affect when you should hire a general contractor? Kirby Contracting is one of London, Kentucky’s general contractors of choice, and we’re here to help.

We’ve all found ourselves at home more than usual in the past two years. For many of us, this time at home has inspired us to take on renovation projects. While the DIY route can be satisfying and cost-effective, you’ll still want to hire a professional for many jobs. If you’re looking for a general contractor in London, Kentucky to help you get the job done, you have many options.

What to expect with a general contractor

A general contractor coordinates and supervises all the aspects of constructing or remodeling a home or a building. For example, the contractor secures the permits necessary for the project to move forward, hires the right people, and schedules the work to ensure efficient workflow. They coordinate the tasks of various individuals like plumbers and electricians. Most importantly, general contractors are responsible for the workers’ compensation and liability insurance. With general contractors helping you, you can rest assured that your home will be built with quality, efficiency, and finished within the allotted timeframe.

Hiring a General Contractor in London, KY

What kind of jobs require a general contractor? The answer depends on several variables. Here are some things to consider before you make the decision.

Length of the project 

The longer the timeline of the project, the better it is to hire a general contractor. Their experience, knowledge, and connections with subcontractors will help them estimate an accurate end date and keep the project moving along efficiently. 

Building codes involved

Building codes can have a huge impact on your project. You don’t want to have to keep redoing your project to make sure it’s up to code. General contractors use their expertise to make sure things are done right the first time. They’ll also secure the proper permits so you won’t be hit with any unexpected fines.

Subcontractors needed 

Some projects need more subcontractors than others. If a job needs plumbers, electricians, and HVAC professionals, you’ll want to have a general contractor on your side. They have connections and they’ll know the right subcontractors to call for the job. They’ll hire those who have the experience, skills, and insurance to do the job right. In short, it will save you time and money to let the general contractor do the hiring for you. 

Consider Kirby Contracting

It can be overwhelming to pick from all the general contractors in London, Kentucky. It’s important to hire people whom you can trust. A good general contractor will understand your needs and address them. At Kirby Contracting, customer service is one of our top priorities.

For us, it’s not just about replacing shingles or redoing your kitchen. We care about your family.  In other words, we want to make sure that your home is safe and comfortable for the ones you love.

Thinking about a new project? Looking for the best quality contractors to repair a damaged roof? You know who to call. Kirby Contracting is always ready to help meet your contracting needs. We value your time, and we treat clients as part of our growing community. We will give you the service that you deserve. Call us today at (606) 312-2452. 


Tips for a Long-Lasting Roof

The roof is an essential part of your home. You want it to last a long time, but how can you be sure it will? Here are some tips for a long-lasting roof in London, KY.

Have you ever wondered how long your roof will be able to protect your home and what’s inside? You’re not alone. Most homeowners wonder the same thing. 

Factors that impact your roof’s lifespan

We all want to make wise investments. Sometimes, this may mean purchasing a more expensive product to get the best material. Check out the following things you may want to consider to get a long-lasting roof. 

Quality of material

The materials used to build a roof directly affect that roof’s life expectancy. Low-quality materials are cheaper in the short run, but they’ll need more repairs through the lifetime of the roof. On the other hand, high-quality materials may be more expensive, but they offer more durability and won’t require as much repair or replacement.

We all want to make wise investments. Sometimes, this may mean purchasing a more expensive product to get the best material.


The installation process for a roof is crucial. It’s vital to hire the right contractors who have the qualifications, licensing, insurance, and experience to get the job done right. Choose roofing professionals who already have great reviews from people in your area. Kirby Contracting is a professional roof contracting business in London, Kentucky. Jacob Kirby and his team are highly recommended for any roofing services.

Regular Maintenance

Regular maintenance will drastically increase the longevity of your roof. It’s easier to repair damages and extend the roof’s lifespan if you’re able to spot the issues early on. Performing this maintenance on a consistent schedule will be the key here. It shouldn’t be a one-time thing. Here are some maintenance tips from your friends and Kirby Contracting.

Keep the gutters clean

Debris is normal on roofs. Make sure that you check the roof for any debris. Keep it clean and free from any gutter blockages all year round. Blocked gutters cause an array of problems, and it’s not just flooding. If you’re able, use a ladder and check your gutters regularly. Clean them yourself or call us to clear any kinds of debris. 

Check shingles for cracks

Extreme temperature can damage your shingles, and it may either crack, shrink, or tear off. Even the most durable materials aren’t safe against certain weather conditions such as storms, hail, and strong winds. Take the time to check for missing or cracked shingles. If you spot any, call in pros to repair the damages. 

Invest in good insulation

Ensure that your attic has good insulation to keep your home’s temperature stable. This will help prevent any water vapor from staying on the underside of your roof. On top of that, it saves you some heating and cooling costs, too. 

Are you in need of any roofing services in London, Kentucky, or the surrounding area? We’re more than ready to help. Call us today!