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When you’ve got a problem with your roof, you need it solved fast. That’s why we believe in urgency. From responding to your inquiry to getting the job done, we don’t waste any time.


We have years of experience with roofing in London, KY and the surrounding areas. We carry that experience with us to every job as we maintain the highest standards of customer service and communication.


We know that the safety and comfort of your loved ones is your top priority, so we make it our priority. This isn’t just about shingles, it’s about security and peace of mind for the people who matter most. Let us take care of all your roofing needs.

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“Jacob Kirby and his team were incredibly responsive and efficient with their work.  They offered a wide variety of roofing options for us to choose from.  I would definitely recommend their services to any residential or commercial roofing project without hesitation!”

— Josh Coppock

What We Do Best

People love our unique roofing process. developed right here in London, KY. We come up with customized approaches that fit each client instead of giving generic solutions like some other roofing companies.

We can clean, repair, and replace all different kinds of gutters. We’ll ensure that water flows smoothly around your home and that your family stays safe.

We are your local do-it-all contractors in London, Kentucky. We’re proud to serve London and the surrounding areas! We specialize in roofing, but can get you a quote for just about anything.

Don't just take our word for it.

Customer reviews

We’re proud to serve the people of southeastern Kentucky and customer satisfaction is our priority. We aim to make roofing projects as fast and easy as possible for our clients.

Look through these reviews to read firsthand experience from just a  few of our many satisfied customers.

Now offering blown-in attic insulation!

Now we can help you take care of the top of your roof and what’s right underneath it! Our quick and easy blown-in insulation service will provide your attic with an airtight seal in record time.

London, Kentucky's Hometown Roofer

Jacob Kirby, a roofer in London, KYJacob Kirby has been in the roofing business professionally since 2016. In that time, he’s learned the ins and outs of residential roof replacement and the insurance process. On top of that, he also worked in a commercial roofing firm where he learned to appreciate quality work and customer service. Now, he is proudly providing roofing services to the city of London, Kentucky, and beyond!

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