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We are your local insulation experts in London, Kentucky! We use blown in insulation to quickly and efficiently insulate the parts of your home that are costing you the most money on your monthly utility bill.

Why choose us for blown in insulation?

We know that you have a lot of choices in life. That’s why we never take it lightly when a client chooses to work with us. Here are some reasons to use our insulation services:

  • Locally owned. Working in London, KY means that we understand it and the surrounding area. We’re always close by, which allows us to give you quick, high-quality service when you need it most. On top of that, we’re a part of this community, and we want to see it thrive! We love helping our stay warm and save money on their energy bills.
  • A personalized approach. We know that no two projects are ever exactly the same. We develop customized approaches that fit each client instead of giving generic solutions like some other general contractor. We communicate with you quickly and clearly to make sure that your specific problems are addressed and solved.
  • Credentials. With years of experience working in London, KY, we know we can provide the service you need. We’re licensed and insured so that you can have peace of mind as we’re completing your project to perfection.
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Benefits of blown in insulation

It’s estimated that anywhere from 25-40% of a home’s energy is lost through the roof. This may not seem like a big deal, but if you were to take a look at your energy bills for the last few months and calculate what 40% of those charges are, you’d probably change your mind. There is good news, though! Blown-in attic insulation is an excellent solution to this problem. Properly insulating your home’s attic can help prevent this energy loss and save you money.

Energy savings is just one positive thing about this type of insulation. The benefits of blown-in attic also insulation include:

  • Quick and easy installation
  • Fire protection
  • Soundproofing
  • Prolonged HVAC life
  • Reduced condensation

Let’s talk about each of these in a little more depth.

Energy savings

Blown-in insulation saves you money on your monthly energy bill by stopping hot and cold air from escaping through your home’s roof. It prevents heat loss during the winter and keeps the interior of your home cool in the summer. This greatly reduces your energy costs so you can save money over time.

This type of insulation is able to fill all the small cracks and holes where air may have been able to escape before. This is one advantage that blown-in insulation has over batting insulation. Batting insulation isn’t designed to fit in very specific places rather than mold to the shape and size of the attic it insulates.

Quick and easy installation

Installing blown-in insulation is a very straightforward process. A pair of professionals can have your attic insulated in just a couple of hours. The insulation material goes straight to the attic through a hose connected to a machine that prepares it to be blown in.

Once the pros are finished, your attic should have a seamless protective covering that seals the wooden crossbeams, electrical wiring, and plumbing pipes.

Fire protection

Let’s take it back to high school chemistry class to learn how blown-in insulation can help protect your home against fire. As you may have learned back then, fire is a reaction that needs three things to sustain itself: heat, fuel, and oxygen. Blown-in insulation helps to remove the oxygen component.

Since this insulation creates an airtight seal by filling all the small openings, it prevents air from getting to the fire. If air can’t get to the flame, the fire will soon be quenched.


Another great benefit of blown-in insulation is that it can help reduce sound from outside sources and sound between rooms of your house.

The insulation is able to absorb sounds and vibrations, so you’ll experience a noticeable difference when compared to before the installation. This is an especially useful feature in areas with lots of noise pollution, such as near busy roads.

This soundproofing benefit will help your house to feel more like a home should: safe and peaceful.

Prolonged HVAC life

Your home’s heating and cooling systems also benefit from blown-in attic insulation.

It helps to regulate the temperature inside your home by creating a buffer between extreme temperatures outside and maintaining an even temperature indoors. This makes it easier for your HVAC unit to maintain the desired temperature settings since it doesn’t have to work so hard to reach them. As a result, you’ll notice that your energy bills are lower and that your HVAC may last longer than expected.

Reduced condensation

Finally, using this insulation in your attic can help reduce condensation buildup. The material is able to block out moisture better than other types of insulation, so it helps to prevent dampness from forming in the attic. As a result, your home will be better insulated against the winter chill and you won’t have to worry about mold or mildew problems caused by excessive moisture.

Kirby Contracting is dedicated to completing your insulation project in an efficient and timely manner while providing the highest quality customer service. You can rest easy knowing that we’re handling all the details.

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